Spring Term Refunding

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Student refunding began Jan.3  but has been temporarily suspended during the two week add/drop period, due to the high volume of enrollment changes taking place.

Automatic refunding resumes on Monday, January 24.  You may wait until then for your refund to process automatically, or, if you are done making enrollment changes and want a manual refund now, follow these steps.

    1. Make sure your spring aid has disbursed.  If it still appears as Anticipated Aid on the Account Activity tab, as shown below, it has not disbursed yet.  Once you complete your aid requirementsand the aid has disbursed, a date will appear next to the transaction; you may then request your refund.
      Anticipated aid
    2. Use the eRefunds tab in PittPAY to enroll in eRefunds.  You must be logged in with your student username and password; your authorized users cannot do this for you.
    3. Email payments@pitt.edu from your campus email.  Include your 7-digit student ID and let us know you enrolled in eRefunds and need a manual refund. The Student Payment Center will notify you within one business day once your refund has been processed.


    Parent PLUS Loan refunds:  When a Parent PLUS loan is disbursed to the student account and creates a credit balance, the refund is issued to the parent or student, according to the selection the parent made on the PLUS Loan application.

    • When the parent gets the refund, the money is sent to the parent borrower’s eRefund bank account.  If the parent is not enrolled in eRefunds, a check is mailed to the parent’s permanent address.
    • If the parent elected on the PLUS Loan application to have the refund go to the student, it will be issued to the student.