You may have a Balance Due January 23, 2019

Login to PittPAY to view your balance due on the Account Summary and Account Activity tabs.

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Accept your Aid

Only loans you have accepted show as Anticipated Aid on your student account and can be used to reduce the amount you owe.

Account balances that remain unpaid by January 23 may be assessed a $50 Late Fee.  Check the Account Summary and Account Activity tabs in PittPAY to be sure your account is paid in full no later than January 23.

Activity on your account can create a credit balance for various reasons such as dropped classes that reduce what you owe, course fees that get reversed, and financial aid disbursements that are more than the amount you owe. Sign up for eRefunds today since it is the fastest, most secure way we can get your refunds to you. Without it, refunds take longer to reach you because they are issued by paper check and sent to the HOME address in the student system, which may not be where you currently reside.

More on eRefunds

Refunds are automatically directed to the student, except when a Parent PLUS Loan creates the credit balance. If the parent elected on the PLUS Loan application to refund the student, it will be sent to the bank account the STUDENT designated for eRefunds. Otherwise, it will be sent to the bank account the PARENT designated. Parents must be logged in as an Authorized User to establish an eRefund profile that is SEPARATE from their student's.

More on eRefunds for Parents

1- New and continuing students must accept, reduce, or decline loans and work study through self-service:

2- If this is your first time borrowing an undergraduate Federal Direct or Graduate PLUS loan at Pitt, complete your Entrance Counseling AND Master Promissory Note at

3- If you were awarded Institutional Loans (e.g., Justus Mulert), or Nursing, Pharmacy, or Health Professions Loans: After accepting your loans, you must ANNUALLY complete entrance counseling and sign a promissory note BEFORE your loan funds can be released to your account. Within a few days of accepting your loans, Heartland-ECSI will send an email to your Pitt email address letting you know your loans are ready for these steps, which you will complete online. Be sure to follow the instructions from Heartland-ECSI promptly, so your loans can be applied to your account.

4- First time Parent PLUS borrowers must complete the PLUS Master Promissory Note for Parents at

If you have a PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan, the state will send your payment to us electronically.
If you have the PA 529 Investment Plan or a 529 or College Savings Plan from any other state or organization, ask them to include the student’s full name and 7 digit student ID on the check and mail it to:

University of Pittsburgh
PO Box 643092
Pittsburgh PA 15264-3092.

If you have a scholarship from an outside organization (for example, a community foundation, the Lion’s Club, the American Legion, etc.), ask the organization to include the student’s full name and 7 digit student ID on the check and mail it to:

Student Payment Center
University of Pittsburgh
139 University Place
G-9 Thackeray Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Select a payment method from the Make Payment page in PittPAY.

  • - eCheck: from any U.S. checking account for no additional fee.
  • - Debit or Credit Card: accepted only online in PittPAY and a non-refundable 2.75% service fee applies.
  • - International Payment-Flywire: a cost effective method for international students to pay from almost any country.
  • - If you would rather pay your account in a series of monthly installments, enroll in an OPTIONAL payment plan. Payment plans have definite end dates, so the earlier you enroll, the more installments you get.