The due date for Spring 2018 is January 17, 2018. As soon as you make an online payment in PittPAY, your balance due will be updated to reflect the payment. You can view your payment receipt in Transaction History.

Late fees, collection fees, and financial holds are placed on past due accounts as follows:

Date Fees and Financial Holds
January 18 $50 Late Fee and Financial Hold. The hold prevents registration for classes for a new term and access to grades and transcripts; it is automatically released once the account balance is paid in full in PittPAY.
February 18 $200 Late Fee and Financial Hold. The account becomes a Collection account. Payment on collection accounts can only be made by credit card or by debit card tied to a bank account. You cannot make eCheck payments while your account is in collection, but you can use a debit card if you want your payment to come from your bank account. When students reach Collection status, eligible students, based on account balance, are offered self-service collection payment plans that carry no interest. If eligible for this payment plan, students and their Authorized User will be notified by email from PittPAY. Please note, only students can enroll in a collection payment plan; Authorized Users cannot enter into collection payment plans on behalf of their students.
March 18 $100 Collection Fee is added to the unpaid balance.  Students who are eligible for a self-service collection payment plan can still accept one of the offers from the Payment Plans tab in PittPAY, or you may contact University Collections to discuss payment options at 412-624-7560 or