The student account reflects tuition and fees based on a student’s actual enrollment as a full-time or part-time student.  To learn how full-time vs part-time students are assessed, click here.   Waitlisted classes are not included in enrollment, so they are not factored into the calculation of tuition and fees.  For example:

  • If an undergraduate student is enrolled in 9 credits and waitlisted for 3 credits, tuition and mandatory fees are based on the 9 credit, part-time rates, even though 3 additional credits are waitlisted.  If the student actually becomes enrolled in the waitlisted class, the total enrolled credits will increase to 12, which is full-time. Incremental tuition and mandatory fees will then post to the student’s account to bring the part-time rates up to full-time rates.
  • If an undergraduate student is initially enrolled in 12 credits, tuition and mandatory fees are based on full-time rates.  If that student later becomes enrolled in a 3 credit waitlisted class, no incremental tuition and mandatory fees will be added to the student account, although specific course fees may be added.

Because most financial aid is disbursed 10 days before the term begins, it is important to consider the timing of additional tuition and fee charges you may be assessed for added classes.  If added classes result in additional charges after your aid has been entirely disbursed, it is possible that you will be responsible for the additional charges.  Visit the Account Activity tab in PittPAY to see your tuition and fee charges.  Contact your financial aid office if you are concerned about the effect your added classes will have on your financial aid.​