Enroll in eRefunds

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eRefunds: quick access to your student refunds

When financial aid disburses to your student account, it may create a credit balance that can be automatically deposited to your checking or savings account if you enroll in eRefunds in PittPAY. Continuing students who were previously enrolled in direct deposit in the old PittPAY must re-enroll in eRefunds in the new PittPAY to keep that preference active. eRefunds are issued automatically and are faster and safer than paper checks. In just 1 to 3 business days, the funds are available in your bank account.

  • Locate the bank account and routing number where you want your student refunds to go. If you don’t know these, contact your bank by phone or online to obtain them.
  • Using your Pitt username and password, log into PittPAY from the Student PittPAY Login button at payments.pitt.edu.
  • Select Setup or Manage eRefunds.
  • Enter your bank account and routing number.
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Be sure to click Confirm!

If you do not enroll in eRefunds, your student refunds will be mailed by paper check to your home address, which may not be where you currently reside. Paper checks can take up to fourteen days to arrive. If the check is lost or stolen, or it takes longer than you can wait for it to reach you, you will be charged a $30 fee stop payment on the check to have it reissued to you through eRefunds. By enrolling in eRefunds now, you avoid the cost, delay, and hassle of paper checks and ensure that your money will be available for living expenses and other costs when you need it.

Parent PLUS Loan borrowers: When your Parent PLUS loan is posted to your student’s account, it may create a credit balance that can be refunded to you OR your student. Learn more about eRefunds for Parent PLUS borrowers.