New PittPAY Released April 15th!

New PittPAY Released April 15th!

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Checklist for Continuing Students

Students who were enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh prior to this date must take action to ensure their Authorized User and refund preferences continued to be followed in the new system.

Direct Deposit for student refunds is now called eRefunds. If you were signed up for Direct Deposit in the old PittPAY, you must re-enter your banking information in the new PittPAY to be sure your refunds continue to be deposited directly in your U.S. checking or savings account.

  1. Log in to PittPAY above
  2. Select the "Manage eRefunds" quick link.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will need the account and routing number for your U.S. checking or savings account.

If you don’t enroll in eRefunds in the new system, you will begin receiving your student refunds by paper check mailed to your “Home” address, which may not be where you currently reside. Paper checks also take longer to reach you and can be lost, stolen, or accidentally destroyed. Signing up for eRefunds Is easy and it’s the safest, fastest way to get your money automatically, whenever you have a credit balance on your student account.

Authorized Payers from the old PittPAY are called Authorized Users in the new PittPAY.

  1. Log in to PittPAY above
  2. Select the Quick Link for “Manage Authorized Users”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to edit, add, or delete Authorized Users.

The PittPAY Payment Plans that are available to you or any one of your Authorized Users are displayed on the Payment Plans tab in the new PittPAY.  Payment plans are completely optional, every term.  If you choose not to use a payment plan, the charges on your student account will be due in a lump sum payment on your due date.