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You will use PittPAY to view your student account details, view all your eBills (there are no paper bills at Pitt), make online eBill payments, and more!  Complete each item on this checklist to guarantee you are ready for your first eBill!

1. Log into PittPAY: www.my.pitt.edu, select Student Services, select PittPAY.

Complete this checklist TODAY! If you don’t know your username or can’t remember your password, contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance at 412-624-HELP.

2. Read the information on the Message Board!

Look here to see when each eBill will be posted in PittPAY and its due date. There are no paper bills at Pitt. You must be registered for a term before a bill date OR have a balance on your student account to have a new eBill posted. PittPAY will send a courtesy email to your Pitt email account each time a new eBill is posted.

3. Select Authorize Payers from the PittPAY menu and follow the instructions.

The person(s) you authorize will be able to log into PittPAY to view your eBills, student account, and make payments. Your Authorized Payers receive a courtesy email each time a new eBill is posted. We cannot discuss your student account with anyone except your Authorized Payers.

4. Select Direct Deposit from the PittPAY menu and follow the instructions.

You are required to have a Direct Deposit account in PittPAY. If you change courses (drop or add), meal plans, dorm rooms, or if you receive financial aid (grants, scholarships or loans) you may have a credit balance on your student account. We will refund that money to you via the bank account you specify for Direct Deposit. You will receive an email from PittPAY when a Direct Deposit is made to your bank account.

5. Ask your Authorized Payers to sign up for Direct Deposit when they log into PittPAY.

When a PLUS loan (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) applies to the student account and creates a credit balance, the parent borrower will receive the refund. We will deposit the funds into the bank account they specify on their own Direct Deposit profile. Authorized Payers log in at http://student-info.pitt.edu, select Authorized Payers Login to PittPAY then use the login ID and password you assigned to them.