Students can authorize their parents, guardians, spouses, or others access to their student account in PittPAY. Login to PittPAY above and select Manage Authorized Users on the Account Summary tab.  Authorized Users can:

  • Discuss your account with the Student Payment Center
  • View the account in the PittPAY and make online payments
  • Enroll in an optional PittPAY Payment Plan on your behalf. (Note, you can only have one active payment plan per academic term, so either you or one of your Authorized Users can be the payment plan owner.)
  • Generate a Statement of Account by Term, on demand, to request tuition reimbursement from employers, 401K plans, 529 and College Savings Plans, etc.
  • Obtain account details to print or save, for a range of academic terms or dates.

The University supports students' rights to privacy under the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Therefore, we cannot discuss students' account or payment plan information with anyone except the individuals the student establishes as Authorized Users in PittPAY.  Students may have an unlimited number of Authorized Users, but must create each one individually.  For example, students cannot include all family members under one Authorized User called “The Smith Family.”

Creating Authorized Users

Students initiate the process in PittPAY by selecting the Add or Manage Authorized Users quick link on the Account Summary tab.

Individuals who wish to become an Authorized User can initiate the process as well. Click the Authorized User Login button above and create your own PittPAY account with your email address and a password of your choosing. When prompted, provide information about your student (seven digit student ID and other required information). PittPAY will then send an email to your student letting them know you have requested access to their student account. The next time the student logs in to PittPAY, they will approve or deny your request and you’ll receive an email letting you know. If approved, you will have access to your student’s account the next time you login to PittPAY.

Parent PLUS Loan Borrowers

When a Parent PLUS Loan applies to the student account, it may create a credit balance.  If the parent borrower elected on the PLUS Loan application to have the credit balance sent to the parent, the parent should first become an Authorized User in PittPAY, then create their own eRefund profile in PittPAY. Authorized Users who are Parent PLUS loan borrowers should login to PittPAY from the Authorized User Login button above, then select the Add or Manage eRefunds quick link.