Create or Update Authorized Users

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Create Your Authorized Users in PittPAY

Students add Authorized Users to their PittPAY account by selecting the Setup or Manage Authorized Users quick link on the Account Summary tab. Once established, Authorized Users can log into PittPAY from their own login button on the Student Payment Center website, using the email address and password created during the Authorized User set up.

Authorized Users can:

  • View the account in the PittPAY and make online payments.
  • Discuss the student’s account with the Student Payment Center.
  • Enroll in an optional payment plan on the student’s behalf.
  • Generate statements on demand for sending to other organizations like employers, 401K plans, 529 and College Savings Plans, etc.
  • Obtain account details to print or save for a range of academic terms or dates.
  • Receive email notifications when a balance is due on the account or payment plan activity occurs.

Parents/guardians who are not established as Authorized Users will not receive important email and text communications through PittPAY from the Student Payment Center. Also, the Student Payment Center cannot discuss details of the student account with anyone except the individuals the student has established as Authorized Users in PittPAY.

Learn more about Authorized Users.