Federal regulations require the University to wait until 10 days before the official start of each academic term to post scholarships, grants, and loans to students’ accounts. Also, students have requirements to meet (see below) before their aid can be applied to the account.  Anticipated Aid will eventually expire if the student waits too long to complete their aid requirements.  Most aid will be displayed as Anticipated Aid in PittPAY on the Account Summary and Account Activity tabs.  Anticipated Aid reduces the amount the student owes until the aid can be disbursed to apply to the account, or until the Anticipated Aid expires.

Students and Parent PLUS Loan Borrowers

  • New and continuing students must accept, reduce, or decline loans and work study through student self-service. 

  • If this is your first time borrowing an undergraduate Federal Direct or Graduate PLUS loan at Pitt, complete your Entrance Counseling AND Master Promissory Note at studentloans.gov.
  • If you were awarded Institutional Loans (for example, the Justus Mulert Loan), Nursing, Pharmacy, or Health Professions Loans, after accepting your loans, you must ANNUALLY complete entrance counseling and sign a promissory note. Within a few days of accepting your loans, Heartland-ECSI will send an email to your Pitt email address letting you know your loans are ready for these steps, which you will complete online. Be sure to follow the instructions from Heartland-ECSI promptly, so your loans can be applied. If you are eligible to receive loans from these programs, they will be itemized on your financial aid award letter.
  • Parents PLUS Loan borrowers who are borrowing for the first time at the University of Pittsburgh must complete the Master Promissory Note at studentloans.gov.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Loans that show as Accepted
  • Scholarships and grants included on the financial aid award letter

Not Included:

Aid begins to post to students’ accounts 10 days before the official start of each term, but remember that loans will only post if the student has completed all of their aid requirements, above. Also, Anticipated Aid for loans will expire if the student waits too long to complete their requirements; this will cause an increase in what the student owes on the Account Summary and Account Activity screens in PittPAY.

If Anticipated Aid is greater than the amount a student owes for a term, an anticipated credit balance will exist. Once aid is disbursed and applies to the student account, the excess will be refunded automatically. In short, refunds cannot be processed for anticipated credit balances, only for actual credit balances after aid has been disbursed to apply to the account.